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Load reactive load control valve short G; M33x2

Article-No.: 38054

This valve consists of a pressure limiting valve with compensating plunger (cone sealed), an installation valve and a pilot plunger. Owing to leak-free design the load can be held in any position while the pressure limiting protcts the system against pressure peaks. An integrated check valve enables free oilflow in one direction.

For use in hydraulic systems by:
Applicable to all hydraulic systems, which consider the use of this valve by planning

Technical specifications:
Max. Nominal pressure [bar]: 350
Pressure to returnport [bar]: 80
Nominal flow [l/min]: 140
Tightening torque [Nm]: 78
Weight [kg]: 0,691
Dimensions: 16,2 cm x 4,2 cm x 4,2 cm
Fluid: Hydrauliköl nach DIN 51524

Compatible order codes:
Stoll-Artikel-Nr.: 3333200