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Row marker control valve

Article-No.: 38052

This valve will be used in agricultural machines e.g. seed drills, potato planter etc. to mark the rows. The cantilevers of this machines will be alternating actuated by hydraulic. The position of the cantilevers will be secured by check valves. Leaving the tractor for switching the row marker is not necessary when this valve is implemented in the hydraulic system. Additionally a pressure switch can be connected.

For use in hydraulic systems by:
Applicable to hydraulic systems of seed drills and potato planters

Technical specifications:
Max. Nominal pressure [bar]: 250
Nominal flow [l/min]: 15
Tightening torque [Nm]: 30
Overlap: positiv
Connections [mm]: 3 St. für Rohr 8mm
Weight [kg]: 1,6
Dimensions: 9,1 cm x 6 cm x 4 cm
Fluid: Hydrauliköl nach DIN 51524
Viscosity [mm2/s]: 10...200
Operating temperatur [°C]: -20...+80

Compatible order codes: