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Article-No.: 30030

The flow divider divides an oilflow load-independing from port P to the ports A and B in two similar flow rates. The back-flow from A and B to P will be leaded uncontrolled through check valves.

For use in hydraulic systems by:
Applicable to all general hydraulic systems.

Technical specifications:
Max. Nominal pressure [bar]: 250
Pressure to returnport [bar]: -
Nominal flow [l/min]: 30
Tightening torque [Nm]: 30
Overlap: -
Connections [mm]: P = M20x1,5 A und B = M18 x 1,5
Weight [kg]: 1,698
Dimensions: 10 cm x 7,2 cm x 3,8 cm
Fluid: Hydrauliköl nach DIN 51524
Viscosity [mm2/s]: 10...200
Operating temperatur [°C]: -20...+80

Compatible order codes:
Bucher MTRA061-040M