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Accumulator charging valve CETOP NG6 60 - 210 bar B

Article-No.: 22032

The accumulator charging valve 22032 is a pilot operated pressure shut valve with continuously adjustable switching difference. It consists mainly of the pilot and the main stage of the pilot, the check valve and the housing with the main control piston. The pump flow in P is passed through port B to the memory of the system. If the pressure on consumers connection B on the set upper switching pressure, the pilot valve opens and control fluid can flow from port A. The check valve closes the connection from port B to port P and the pump flow is switched to pressure-free circulation. The pump charges through the check valve in the hydraulic system (P to B). The pressure works in the channel B on the control line to the pilot. At the same time as the pressure in port P the power acts on the spring-loaded side of the main piston. Once the set upper cut-off point is reached, the pilot control the connection of the spring-loaded side of the main piston opens the control line and thus from A port to the tank. Because of this connection there is a pressure gradient on the main piston. The main piston is opening the connection between P and T. The check valve closes the connection between B and P and the pre-control is held by the consumer pressure in B in the open position. If the consumer pressure dropped in B compared to the cut-off according to the set of adjusting the lower pressure value, the pilot goes back to its original position. This increased on the spring-loaded side of the main piston a pressure. This closes the connection P to T by the spring and the pump charges directly through the check valve from P to B.

For use in hydraulic systems by:
In all accumulator charging systems the constant delivery pump is switched off by means of an accumulator charging valve with two pressure settings for Pmin and Pmax.

Technical specifications:
Max. Nominal pressure [bar]: P; B; T: 210
Pressure to returnport [bar]: A: 2
Nominal flow [l/min]: 40
Tightening torque [Nm]: 6; 4 Stück M5 x 55 DIN 912-10.9
Connections [mm]: NG06-ISO 4401
Weight [kg]: 2,16
Dimensions: 19,5 cm x 6 cm x 4,5 cm
Fluid: Hydrauliköl nach DIN 51524
Viscosity [mm2/s]: 10...200
Operating temperatur [°C]: -20...+70

Compatible order codes:
Bosch 0 811 106 033
Integral SLA-6R-210 / 212-1333-012-218

Weitere verfügbare Speicherladeventile:
22033 = 25 bis 110 bar (Bosch 0 811 106 032)
22031 = 150 bis 315 bar (Bosch 0 811 106 034)