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control valve for Deutz system 06

Article-No.: 22001

This valve is used in tractors to control and adjust load hoist devices. Attached devices, fitted on the hoist device, can be lifted and lowered steplessly as well as hold constantly a pre-setted position or use the optimum of tractor's performance. This adjustment enables permanently suppressions of interferences to improve the road behaviour. Accordingly to the application this valve can be used to hold a position or to adapt the pulling force or to adjust the hydro-mechanical closed loop control.

For use in hydraulic systems by:
Deutz series 06; 2806 - 8006
Serie Deutz 07

Technical specifications:
Max. Nominal pressure [bar]: 220
Pressure to returnport [bar]: 10
Nominal flow [l/min]: 50
Tightening torque [Nm]: 25
Overlap: positiv
Weight [kg]: 1,700
Fluid: Hydrauliköl nach DIN 51524
Viscosity [mm2/s]: 10...200

Compatible order codes:
Deutz 0294 0278
Deutz 0433 1325
Deutz 0436 0637