AK Process

Enterprise resource planning system (ERP system) which enables the correct link and precise reference of sub-processes to every goods movement in a computer-controlled way


Subjective view of and expert without liability and measure


Results of actions in the field of interfaces between the company and customer as well as internal actions in order to meet the customer needs


Document containing target data which is subject to the amendment service (e.g. QMM, DIN-Norms)

Continuous development process (CDP)

Part of an endeavour comprising the entire company in order to develop in regard of the quality targets. Contains the plan (to plan) – Do (execute) – Check (assess) – act (improve) - cycle


Internal and external (business) partners

Customer satisfaction

Fulfilment of requirements, expectations and demands


Organisation which deliver a products or services

Means (resources)

e.g. labour, infrastructure, working environment, information, finances, rights, etc.


Result of one or more processes


Continuity of a repetitive activity with measurable input, measurable added value and measurable output (e.g. order fulfilment)


The relation of expectation (demand) and result; refers to everything that takes place in the company

Quality recording

Document containing actual data which is not subject to the amendment service

Quality management (QM)

The aspect of the executive function that determines the quality policy and implements the realization

QM-Documentation (QMD)

The sum of all QM-documents: quality management manual (QMM), procedural instructions (PI), schedules (S), check lists (C) and forms (F)

QM-Systems (QMS)

Defined structures, competences, procedures and means to realize the quality management

Quality policy

General statements of a company to the topic of Quality

Quality targets

Targets derived from the quality policy in order to be able to implement the policy accordingly.

Special release

Written approval in cases of deviations from the target-state


Confirmation and provision of evidence that demands for a specifically intended use resp. application are met


Confirmation and provision of evidence that determined demands are met


The extent to which planned operations are realized and planned results achieved