AK Mechanics

AK Mechanics is responsible for the contract production of components for hydraulic applications, e.g. casings or turned parts of valves. Thanks to our years of experience with the production of hydraulic control valves, we have acquired a high level of competence and quality of work that is highly valued by a number of manufacturers of hydraulic parts. As a result, we produce some of the basic parts of, amongst other things, hydraulic control valves that are then assembled and finished by other manufacturers.

What distinguishes us in the production of our products from other manufacturers, is our exceptional grasp and understanding of the requirements for hydraulic parts. The resulting finesse, paired with the high quality standards in our company, guarantee building parts of the highest reliability and precision.

Furthermore, we can offer flexible and individual hydraulic solutions for you, regardless of the number of parts you need.

The entire production is monitored and reviewed by our in-house QM-system, which guarantees a high reliability and functionality of our products.

High quality standards are also applied to the condition and cleanliness of the parts and the oil: State-of-the-art washing and measuring systems guarantee a production in accordance with ISO 4406.